Fish Digital is stepping up another notch in its bid to support New Zealand small and start-up businesses with digital marketing and public relations strategies that are effective, reliable, and affordable.

Fish Digital will teach small and start-up business how to ‘digitally fish’ with ongoing effective digital strategic knowledge, support, and independence.

“We want to help small businesses establish and develop ‘Digital Footprints’ that will enable them to survive and thrive in an increasingly online world,” says Fish-Digital founder/creator Annah Stretton. A household name, Annah Stretton is one of New Zealand’s best-known fashion and social entrepreneurs.

Fish-Digital is Ideal for small businesses that need a “hand up” to achieve a successful digital presence and online reach with their target markets.
The global pandemic has proven that having an online presence is more important than ever. When the pandemic began, businesses around the globe started to realise the potential and value of having a digital footprint. This caused the marketplace to become flooded with businesses all vying for attention in the same space. Fish Digital helps businesses stand out from the crowd with effective digital marketing strategies.

COVID 19 could be the first of many global challenges we will experience, Stretton says. “Ensuring that we are all well prepared for when the next challenge occurs is the new normal New Zealand business model,” she says. Business owners need a trusted advisor to guide them through the set-up phase and support them through the ongoing activation of their digital marketing efforts and that is what Fish Digital brings to the table.

Fish Digital want to partner with New Zealand business with an effective, value for money offering that “advances real and positive business outcomes while ensuring the ownership and empowerment remains in the hands of the business,” adds Annah Stretton.
Fish Digital’s smart three-stage approach teaches business how to achieve sales and profit goals in a global market with a distinctly New Zealand flavour and on a smaller budget.

  • Stage One – Building the Foundations: Digital Brand Identity
  • Stage Two – Building Engagement Channels: Website, Social Media, Partners
  • Stage Three – Building Communities: Activating and growing a loyal following



The end goal is to teach Small Businesses to become fully competent and self-sufficient in the world of digital commerce and marketing so they can take charge and manage their own online success outcomes with confidence.

Whether you are a start-up or an established small business, digital marketing smarts is a skill set that every business can benefit from. Check out Fish Digital range of services:

  • Brand Identity: Style Guide, Digital Templates, Photography.
  • Website Design: Simple template website design and development.
  • Digital Marketing: Digital Audit and Activation Plan.
  • Public Relations: Audit, Brand Building, Activation Plan and Media Training.



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